What to Expect

What Should Someone Expect At Their First Appointment?

Your first appointment with this office will include filling out a health history form and review of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine informed consent form. I've included these on this website so you can print them out at home to look them over and fill out ahead of time.  This information is important so you understand what I am trained to provide, and I understand any accommodations that need to be made or techniques that may suit your needs best.

Next, we'll have a little chat about what your goals for the massage will be for that day. Do you want to relax and forget about the world? Are you looking to loosen up that tight shoulder muscle? If you've never had a massage before, and don't know what you want, that's okay! I will ask you some questions and help you decide what you would like to try based on your health information and goals.

If it's the first time in this office, and especially if you've never had a massage before, I will go over my massage plan with you and tell you how to get on the table. This is your time to ask any questions that you may have about the massage plan, the massage room, or any other concerns you may have. 

I will ask you to get undressed to the level of your comfort, and then leave the room to give you privacy. What does "level of your comfort mean"? It means that, while you will be covered at all times except for the areas being worked on, you still get to choose how far to undress.  

I will knock before entering the room again, and then come in to arrange the room and table. This is the time to ask to make changes in comfort. I can adjust the temperature through more or less blankets, the volume of the music, adjust the massage table, etc. After you're comfortable, I will give you a few pointers about communicating with me during the massage if you need any other adjustments made, and then the massage will begin.

When the session is complete, I will let you know that I am leaving the room and give you instructions on what to do after you're dressed. Then we will discuss the session, make your payment, and schedule your next appointment!

Now you can go home relaxed and refreshed! 

What Should Someone Expect From Their Massage & Massage Therapist?

• A clean, safe and comfortable environment before, during and after the massage
• Respect, courtesy, confidentiality, and dignity
• Privacy while changing and right to remove clothing only to their level of comfort for the massage
• Draped appropriately by a sheet, towel or blanket, with only the area being massaged exposed
• A certified professional massage therapist, working within their scope of practice and in an ethical manner
• Option to ask questions of the massage therapist and receive professional responses
• An explanation of the nature of the massage and techniques to be used in advance of starting the massage
• The right to consent to the massage techniques and approaches, including manual pressure, used in the massage

What Should a Massage Therapist Expect From Their Client?

• Respect, courtesy, and dignity
• Treated as a healthcare professional
• Timely arrival at massage therapy appointment
• Complete and accurate disclosure of health/medical conditions during the intake process
• Communication of expectations of and concerns about the massage
• Payment at the time of service
• Reasonable notice (24 hours) in canceling a massage appointment