Steam Service FAQ

What are "Steam Services," you ask? They are the option to enjoy a steam session either alone or combined with a massage. Simple, right? What could be better than loosening up your muscles with hot steam right before I start massaging your muscles? This is a deeply relaxing and gentle way to warm up your tissues so that I can work deeper, without as much of the soreness of me warming up your muscles by hand. 

I typically spend time at the beginning of any massage prepping your body to receive deep muscle work. This is important to make sure my work is therapeutic and does not injure either you or myself. Adding steam to the massage greatly speeds that process because I can prep your whole body at once! The best part is that it feels amazing all on its own! Think of the best part of a hot shower and how you feel when you get out... that's what a steam does for you!

Want to try it out? I have set up several steam services in my sessions that you can schedule just like a standard massage appointment. Already have an appointment and what to try it? There is a little bit of prep work to set up the steam canopy, so please be sure to email me before your appointment to make sure I have time to add it on and to get it ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Steam Services

So, It's like a sauna?  Well, not exactly. A sauna is much hotter, 180℉-200℉ and the humidity is between 0-20%. Saunas are great, but steam is a little different. Technically, it's a steam bath (you're bathing in steam!) that reaches about 120℉ and close to 100% humidity. The steam includes your whole body, except your head; making easier to breathe and your hair stays (mostly) dry!

How does it even work with a massage?  Using a tabletop massage steam canopy called The Steamy Wonder allows me to perform the steam service right on the massage table while you relax. Once I remove the canopy, I can go right into the massage session without you even having to move!

What's this nap thing you have listed? The Aroma Steam Nap is a shortened service that allows you to experience the deeply relaxing benefit of the steam, therapeutic stress-reducing qualities of aromatherapy, and blissful experience of a head massage. You'll leave feeling like you had a power nap in the middle of the day!

So what are the benefits of the steam, anyway? As you can imagine the steam is very warm (remember, hot shower temperature) and stimulates circulation in the skin. It is believed that the heat alone is great for reducing stress and muscle tension. The moisture of the steam allows the heat to penetrate deeper into the tissues. When you pair the steam session with a massage that includes lotion, it can be very moisturizing for the skin. There are studies relating to saunas that link the heated sessions to improved breathing and immune functions, and it is possible this is true of steams, but they aren't sure about that yet. 

Why wouldn't I get a steam? That's a great question! You totally should! However, steams are not for everyone. Since you are being exposed to moist heat for at least 15 minutes, increasing your circulation throughout the body it will affect any cardiovascular and renal conditions you may have. So, in general, steams are not recommended for the following:

• Those with cardiovascular (heart) diseases 

• Those with uncontrolled blood pressure

• Those with skin conditions/rashes/wounds that need to be kept dry

• Those who are pregnant

• Those with diabetes that experience difficulty sensing temperature

• Those with trouble regulating body temperature

• Those with kidney failure

Do I need to do anything to prepare for a steam? You would prepare for a steam in the same way you would for a standard massage.  Make sure you have eaten at least an hour or two before your massage and that you are well hydrated.  On that note, both the steam and massage will encourage your urinary functions, so you should make sure to use the restroom before you start the session.

Will I get all wet? Because you are bathing in steam, you will get damp, and you may start to sweat a little bit. However, the amount is different for each person. The sessions are short enough that you will mostly just feel the condensation from the steam, which I will dry off before I start the massage. I will provide a towel for you to dry off if you are just receiving a steam service.  If you choose to wear undergarments; they may become damp, so keep that in mind when receiving the steam.