It takes a team to make a business work! Here are the people and businesses that make it happen for T&SRM! Some of the links below are affiliate links that reward me with discounts for referring their product but rest assured, I use those products and love them!


 Social Media Posts

Healthinomics | Beautiful Ready-Made Social Media Images for Health & Wellness Business Owners



Credit Card Processing

I love using @Square to run my business! Process $1,000 without fees when you activate with my link:


Massage Services:

Need to get in for a massage, and my schedule is full? I recommend the following places:

Royal Treatment in Jackson, MN 

Past Tense Massage in Fairmont MN


Hair Services:

One way I relieve stress is by taking care of myself and getting my hair done by the amazing Alycia Johnson!

Buntjer's Salon - (507) 848-4022


Retail Products

I try to keep a selection of items in my office for last-minute purchase but it isn't possible to have everything. Buying directly from me supports the community and stimulates our local economy, but I understand occasionally needing to buy online.

If you would like to directly buy from the companies that I carry in house, using the links below will still help me by generating a commission for me without changing the price for you!

Mother Earth Pillows

Eden's Garden Essential Oils