Making Appointments: Your appointment time has been reserved especially for you. Appointments can be made by booking online from this website or in-store after your appointment. All new clients/first time online appointments require a credit/debit card to hold your appointment time. Your appointment starts at the time chosen. If it is your first time coming in, please arrive 5-10 minutes early for paperwork. Although TSRM provides a reminder email 48 hours before your appointment, and you have the option for a text reminder 24 hours before your appointment, it is the client's responsibility to keep track of their appointment time. It is the client's responsibility to arrive at the scheduled time or reschedule within the cancellation window to avoid a fee. 

Medical Conditions: If you have a medical condition, please contact your therapist prior to your massage to let them know, most conditions allow for massage, but certain changes may need to be made. Massage Therapy may not be recommended for certain conditions, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus. If you are unsure, talk to your MEDICAL DOCTOR first and ask for a doctor's note if they feel massage is appropriate. We have experience working with many conditions including MS, Cancer, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, and others. Don't be afraid to ask!

Cancellations: Your appointment time has been reserved especially for youA 24-hour notice for cancellations or reschedules is requested.  Less than 24-hour notice may require payment of the session. No Show/No Call will require payment of the missed session and will be charged to the credit/debit card used to hold your appointment. If the card on file is invalid, an invoice will be sent and must be paid before future appointments can be scheduled. Although TSRM provides a reminder email 48 hours before your appointment, and you have the option for a text reminder 24 hours before your appointment. It is the client's responsibility to keep track of their appointment time on their own and reschedule or cancel within the cancellation window to avoid paying a fee. 

Running Late: Please make every effort to arrive on time for your massage. If you are running late, please call and let us know you are on your way.  Your treatment will end on time, regardless of how late you start so the next client is not delayed.  You will be charged for the full session.

Session Timing: Your appointment is customized to your needs and will be discussed with you prior to entering into your session. Sessions begin upon entering into the therapy room or at the scheduled time of appointment, whichever is sooner. Session time includes time to dress/undress, for hands-on therapy, and a brief quiet time to come out of your relaxed state.

Gift Certificates: TSRM does not sell Gift Certificates and will not accept them as payment after June 1, 2018. Gift Certificates received before June 1st, 2017 are transferrable to a person the recipients know is a client established in the T&SRM office. They cannot be redeemed for cash, and are non-refundable.  They are also subject to the above-mentioned cancellation policy.  They expire one year from the date of issue or by the expiration date listed on the certificate, whichever is sooner.  Must be presented at time of service.  Please treat a gift certificate like cash, we are not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. Gift certificates that have been donated are good for the service and/or time listed only. 

Fine Print We reserve the right to convert service-based gift certificates to their cash value, equivalent to what was paid for the gift certificate if the service indicated is no longer available or the original price for that service has changed.

Payment: Payment is due at the time of service.  Cash, Local Personal Check, or MasterCard/Visa/Discover/American Express Card are accepted forms of payment.  You may be charged a fee for returned checks. Health and auto insurances may cover massage depending on your policy. This office does not file insurance for massage on behalf of the client. If you would like to self submit, please request a receipt of payment at the time of service. The debit/credit card used to hold your appointment is held in the scheduling software for late cancelation/ no show appointments can be used to pay for your session without presenting the card at the time of service, however, you must inform the front desk at the time of your appointment.

Tips: If you feel your therapist did a great job and would like to tip them beyond the price of a massage session, you are certainly welcome to do so. The amount is up to you, but 15% is average (same as your server at a restaurant). All tips are greatly appreciated, but by no means are they required.

Draping: Draping is required.  You will be properly draped at all times with a sheet and blanket to keep you warm and comfortable. Only the area being worked on will be exposed.

Inappropriate Behavior: This is a professional office providing highly trained professional massage therapists, please show therapists respect and refrain from inappropriate sexual comments and actions, even if in jest. Personal safety is at stake, making this a no-tolerance policy. Any sexual innuendo, joke, comment, request, or physical touch of the therapist by the client outside of socially accepted polite gestures (not limited to the previous list) is considered inappropriate. Inappropriate behavior will lead to the immediate conclusion of the massage session without a refund or the ability to reschedule in the future.