Therapeutic & Stress Reduction Massage with Erin Howk, BCTMB is located at 83 Downtown Plaza in downtown Fairmont, MN 56031. Located inside The Healing Place.


Are you looking for a way to reduce muscle pain without medication? A way to prolong your healthy years by reducing stress? Then you've come to the right place. Studies have shown massage therapy to reduce back pain for 6 months or longer and Stress can be the cause of many symptoms including headache and migraine pain. Massage is a great place to start for reducing both pain and stress... let me customize a massage session for you!

Browse the rest of this site to answer your questions about massage and look over my policies and paperwork pages. Then make your appointment online or order an instant gift certificate for someone in need of a massage!
Have you heard about the deepest, most relaxing massage in Fairmont, Martin County, and beyond? They are talking about Deep Feet Bar Therapy! Check out my services page for a description, you'll be glad you did.

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