Currently, T&SRM is closed under the MN Emergency Executive Order 20-63 mandating the closure of places of public accommodation to help reduce the spread of COVID19 Virus. 

I plan to be open again after the 06/01/2020, but will only be taking established clients and scheduling on a month to month basis. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

In the meantime, check out TSRM's online store for limited retail items for curbside pick up. 





Online scheduling


Small businesses across the country are deeply impacted by the inability to serve their clients during the COVID-19 health crisis.  

We willingly close our businesses to protect our clients, the vulnerable, and ourselves, but it comes at a significant cost and potential detriment to business.  

Government loans are slow and don't always apply to small, individual, one-person operations.  Pre-paid services and gift cards are great ways to support your favorite businesses but may create a shortfall later down the road when fulfilling these appointments.  

If you are wanting to help and can do so financially, a donation towards the operating costs that are still occurring during the shutdown will go a long way in keeping T&SRM open for business and able to fulfill appointments in the future.  Thank you so much!

Coivd-19 Shutdown Donation





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